About Brooke

The human body is an expression of health. Some people seem better expressed then others. But the truth is we all have inherent health and movement. Whether we call it prana, chi, or life force energy it never leaves us and through CranioSacral therapy or Structural Integration, I seek the clearest and most dynamic expression of your health. And through subtle manipulation, freedom in the tissue is restored, fluid flow is normalized and thus intrinsic healing follows.

Gentleness and truthfulness govern my work, a powerful combination of unique qualities. They bring a calm support to my engagements, while also infusing them with energy and honesty. The professionalism and the integrity of my practice are matched by a determination to inspire healing combined with a little humor. I affectionately call my work "healing madness", and my clients have responded similarly, giving me the playful title "Captain Pain Killer".

My clients are all different kind of people with all body types. My conviction is that there is nothing about the body that can not heal or be better. I have empathic understanding for people with trauma in their bodies. I understand the struggle to continue one's normal routine, in spite of obstacles to living life fully. Everything from the ability to exercise, to even just getting through the day.

I started my healing career as a massage therapist and had a private practice in Denver. An evident transformation in the health and vitality of one of my closest friends led me to explore Structural Integration. Determined to find the strongest program, I chose the Guild for Structural Integration, in Boulder, CO, and graduated in May 2000. In 2009, a desire to deepen and expand my skills led me to start studying Cranioscral Biodynamics. Currently, I live in Bellingham, WA, where I have established a private practice for structural integration and cranio sacral therapy.

I believe the work doesn't happen without a true partnership. I'm committed to my work, and it is imperative that my clients also be committed to their own healing. It's a joint endeavor to take on the challenges that impede our health and mental state. My practice is the source of some of my greatest life satisfaction. At the root of my work exists an uncommon delight; the knowledge that my clients are consistently inspired by each of their sessions.

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